Cleaning your diffuser

Diffuser doterra essential oils cleaning

How do I clean my diffuser? How often should I clean my diffuser? I would recommend once a month in case you were going to ask. All you need is water and vinegar and you are set! Not sure what kind of diffuser to purchase? This information may help.

Cats and Essential oils

I am having so much fun with Snapchat!! Sorry but I’m sure there will be more of these to come! Always be careful when using essential oils with pets. A little goes a long way!! Avoid citruses with kitties and only diffuse around animals in rooms where they can leave when they choose to.  

Apple Pie Diffuser Blend

shine bright essentials doterra apple pie diffuser blend cinnamon douglas fir wild orange essential oil oils

If you are still feeling full from thanksgiving then maybe you should try this diffuser blend instead of having a real slice of pie. I know I still feel like I have a food baby in me. How about you? ~2 Drops Cinnamon ~3 Drops Douglas Fir ~3 Drops Wild Orange

Soothing Muscle Soak

shine bright essentials salt bath soothing relaxing lavender white fir frankincense doterra soak

Take the time to soak and recharge today, because tomorrow you won’t have time to relax. We all will be running around trying to show the people we love most how thankful we are for them. Please know I am thankful to have all of you in my life and this recipe is my gift … [Read more…]