Diluting Essential Oils

Do you want to make a roller bottle recipe, but don’t know how much to use? Well, in that case I’m gunna leave this right here…. Effective and safe use of essential oils are very important! When using a pure therapeutic essential oil such as dōTERRA, a little goes a long way! Here is a … [Read more…]

Lift Me Up

Shine Bright Essentials

Whether these are in a diffuser or in a roller bottle blend, you can be sure they will get you moving and feeling good too. Give it a try! ~4 Drops Lavender ~2 Drops Rosemary

Refreshing Linen Spray

Shine Bright Essentials

I’m always looking for a way to make clothing and my bedding smell nice. One of my go to oils is Lemongrass, but a always like to use another with it to soften the intense but fresh scent. I usually use Lavender, but I am really enjoying using Citrus Bliss with it! Now you can … [Read more…]

Up Up And Away

shine bright essentials

Draggin’ tail today? I am! I’ve been thinking deeply lately and that is carrying on into the wee hours, which makes me wake up feeling a little slow. It’s almost like I need an extra push when I get out of bed. This is that extra push! ~1 Drop Black Pepper ~2 Drops Frankincense ~1 … [Read more…]

Essential Oils for Wellness

The Santa Cruz team had a class about the basic uses of dōTERRA essential oils. There was beverages and snacks to enjoy while guests had an oppertunity to learn from educators from backgrounds including cosmetology, herbalism, metaphysical and reiki healing! There was a raffle at the end of the class for samples and other goodies. … [Read more…]


This has been my go to evening drink! It is not only tasty but also very supporting to the immune system. Add a little local honey and you are also helping your body have a better response to the pollen that is locally in the air. It’s win win! Enjoy!! ~1 Drop On Guard EO ~2 … [Read more…]

Mojito Diffuser Blend

Looking for the feeling of sipping on a mojito without all the calories and slurred speech? Well this blends got you covered!! Enjoy friends! ~2 Drops Peppermint ~3 Drops Spearmint ~3 Drops Lime ~1 Drop Citrus Bliss