Cleaning your diffuser

Diffuser doterra essential oils cleaning

How do I clean my diffuser? How often should I clean my diffuser? I would recommend once a month in case you were going to ask. All you need is water and vinegar and you are set! Not sure what kind of diffuser to purchase? This information may help.

Apple Pie Diffuser Blend

shine bright essentials doterra apple pie diffuser blend cinnamon douglas fir wild orange essential oil oils

If you are still feeling full from thanksgiving then maybe you should try this diffuser blend instead of having a real slice of pie. I know I still feel like I have a food baby in me. How about you? ~2 Drops Cinnamon ~3 Drops Douglas Fir ~3 Drops Wild Orange

Lift Me Up

Shine Bright Essentials

Whether these are in a diffuser or in a roller bottle blend, you can be sure they will get you moving and feeling good too. Give it a try! ~4 Drops Lavender ~2 Drops Rosemary

Up Up And Away

shine bright essentials

Draggin’ tail today? I am! I’ve been thinking deeply lately and that is carrying on into the wee hours, which makes me wake up feeling a little slow. It’s almost like I need an extra push when I get out of bed. This is that extra push! ~1 Drop Black Pepper ~2 Drops Frankincense ~1 … [Read more…]

Mojito Diffuser Blend

Looking for the feeling of sipping on a mojito without all the calories and slurred speech? Well this blends got you covered!! Enjoy friends! ~2 Drops Peppermint ~3 Drops Spearmint ~3 Drops Lime ~1 Drop Citrus Bliss

Happy Happy Joy Joy

As Ren and Stimpy says “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy”!! Feeling like this gloomy weather is dragging you down? Then use this blend of amazingly uplifting oils to snap out of it!! Maybe you need to keep this secret weapon with you all day long? NO PROBLEM!!! Take this blend and put it in a 5ml … [Read more…]

Smelly House Diffuser Blend

WHAT’S THAT SMELL???!!! Well, if you live in a house with pets, you know very well what that smell is. In my house that funky aroma is a 115 pound Irish Wolfhound who has decided she owns ALL my couches AND everyone in them. But because we love her sooooo much, we have relinquished control … [Read more…]