Autumn Trail

autumn trail diffuser blend wild orange patchouli ginger essential oils doterra

Mmmmmm, fall is in the air!! This is the time of the year where you can enjoy a nice walk through the forest in the cool crisp air. This blend reminds me of sipping on a chai while i gaze up at the golden leaves blowing through the air as they are released from the … [Read more…]

Gummy Bear

gummy bear diffuser lemongrass wild orange juniper berry citrus bliss candy guilt free essential oils shine bright essentials doterra

I have a love hate relationship with candy!!! I love the taste and smell, and the rush that comes with the sugar bender i just went on. But unfortunately, what I DON’T love, out weighs what I do. I can’t stand the way my stomach feels with all the sugar in it, I loath the … [Read more…]

Fresh Cut Flowers

fresh cut flowers geranium lavender eucalyptus diffuser essential oils shine bright essentials doterra

I love this blend! It is so fresh and sweet! If you want the smell of a vase full of flowers and it’s too much work to go pick them yourself, then grab a few bottles of oil and give em a shake! Now that wasn’t too hard, now was it?! ~1 Drop Geranium ~2 … [Read more…]

Comfy Leather Chair

new comfy leather couch chair car seat nap read smell myrrh vetiver frankincense doterra essential oil oils sofa shine bright

Today I had a group of fun and hilarious ladies at my class, which I was digging’ on! But in the midst of all the shenanigans one of the ladies mentioned that Myrrh EO reminded her of the smell of new leather, which she was absolutely RIGHT!! So that got me thinking, it reminds me … [Read more…]

Follow Your Dreams

follow your dreams doterra essential oils motivate passion cheer emotions

We all have dreams that we want to achieve in this lifetime. I know I do! Not only do you need to physically work for it, you need to create a state of mind. What do I do to manifest these things you ask? Plenty. I journal what I am grateful for at this moment … [Read more…]

Snuggle Bear

snuggle bear vetiver lavender peace diffuser sleep relax

This is such a lovely smell, but it is also so effective. All three of these oils each are so relaxing alone, but together?! OMG!!! If I had children I would totally use this blend on them. Its safer than a sedative lol!!!

Citrus Twist

shine bright essentials, citrus twist doterra essential oils wild brand bergamot petitgrain

Nothing like the smell of citrus to cleanse the air and lift up the mood. This blend has two of our classic oils, Bergamot and Wild Orange, which are both known to bring about invigorating and positive feelings. Petitgrain, one of our newest oils, is known to ease the feeling of tension. What a beautiful … [Read more…]

Hiking in the forest blend

This blend of dōTERRA essential oils remind me of exactly what I named it. Those who live by, or in the trees are truly blessed! It is amazing how relaxing and grounding a hike through the forest can be for the body and mind. If you are in an urban area this would be a … [Read more…]