Diffusers. Which one is best for me?


So you just got essential oils and are so excited to start using them! Hey I totally understand, I felt the exact same way when I got my box of dōTERRA essential oils in the mail. You remember the lady from the class mentioning using a diffuser a bunch of times, but still wonder what exactly a diffuser is? No problem, I can give you somewhat of a breakdown.

Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically and in some cases(dōTERRA only in my opinion) internally. Diffusing falls into the category of aromatic use. You can absolutely get the benefits of aromatic application by sniffing the oil out of the bottle or putting a couple drops in your hands then rubbing them together and breathing deeply. But to cover the most distance, a diffuser is the best option.

Diffusers actually come in many forms, just to name a few, there are nebulizers, ultrasonic/humidifying, heat and evaporative. The type that is the best, in my opinion is the ultrasonic diffusers. Even the best heat or evaporative diffuser has nothing on the worst nebulizer or ultra sonic diffuser. The only times I will use a basic heat diffuser is either in my car or in my bathroom, because larger or ultrasonic diffusers aren’t practical for me in that environment. Here is a quick live video I posted about where I use my cute little battery operated heat diffuser.


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