Health & Beauty

imageedit_1_6139857787Have you ever noticed that many of the cues we use to define attraction or beauty have to do with health? Now bear with me, I’m sure you’ve done it too, whether you realized it or not. We look for clear skin and a glowing complexion, bright eyes where the whites have no yellow to it, full hair, strong nails that are well manicured, body oder that is minimal at best, not to mention the shape of bodies that show fertility and sexual prowess. That is why there are so many products out on the marketed to enhance or mask any of the shortcomings we posses. Sure these are what many would cal the superficial, but since the beginning of human existence we have been conditioned to search out these attributes in our partners so we will be successful in reproduction but choosing a healthy mate. So, we may think this is vanity but we need to actually be healthy on the inside to promote beauty and radiance on the outside. This can be achieved by a healthy lifestyle in which you eat a balanced diet rich with nutrients, daily movement and exercise, adequate sleep, proper hygiene, mood management, reducing toxic load and exposure, and support of the body systems through essential oils and supplements.